Savings Products

Alpha Deposits

These are the continuous monthly non-withdrawable savings that members make to the Sacco throughout their membership and is also used as loan multiplier. The benefits are:

• Ease of savings;

• Earn attractive and competitive interest;

• Avenue to accumulate wealth.

Prime Account

This is Stima Sacco’s transactional account which operates as a current account. This account has a minimum balance of Kshs. 500 and amounts above Kshs 15,000 earn attractive interest and has no monthly charges. The account is used for:

• Dividends and Loans processing, cheque clearing, Dividend, EFTs, RTGS, Standing Orders etc.;

• withdrawals of up to Kshs 400,000;

• Transactions via VISA ATM, Stima Sacco Cheque Book, mobile banking and online;

Fixed Deposit Account

• The Sacco offers attractive and competitive returns on Fixed Deposits Reserve (FDR);

• Minimum amount for a fixed deposits is Kshs 50,000;

• No monthly charges.

• For current fixed deposit rates click here. .